Drawmaha Festival packages (8-10/5)-z



    Single rooms


    Double rooms
    • 216 €
    • 432 €
    • 236 €
    • 236 €



Register your buy-in by choosing that option below, you need to write your First name and Surname in the box as well.
You can also add a buy-in for a friend (First name and Surname is required).
Then you can choose if you want to add-on a hotel room or not. You have the option to book an extra single room for the friend if you want.
You can´t just book a room, it has to be a package with a buy-in and a room.

All accommodation includes breakfast and entry to the spa at Hilton.
Twin room means two beds, a double room means a double bed. Both options is for 2 persons.

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Single room, Double room